Are you tired of not having any control over who and how your building is managed. Are you thinking of obtaining the right to manage? Take control of your building, insurance costs and general expenditure with your right to manage.

Let us take the time and stress away from you in dealing with the RTM application. We will take care of the whole process from start to finish, and can also provide the upfront funding*

A step-by-step guide

Step 1 - Set up an RTM Company

To set up the RTM Company, at least one leaseholder will need to be appointed a director of the company.

Step 2 - Issue membership forms to leaseholders

All leaseholders are issued with a membership form and invited to become a member of the RTM Company by returning a signed form. We do not need original copies, a photo or scanned copy of the signed form will suffice

Step 3 - Notice inviting participation

Once 50% of leaseholders are in agreement and returned signed forms, we issue a notice of invitation and invite any non-participating members to participate within 14 days.

Step 4 - Issue claim notice

After the notice inviting participation has expired, we issue a claim notice on the landlord (freeholder), the landlord (freeholder) has 1 month to object or admit to the claim.

Step 5 - Acquiring your Right to Manage

If the landlord (freeholder) either admits the RTM claim or doesn't object within 1 month you acquire the right to manage the building. The acquisition date is 4 months from the date that the Step 4 claim notice was served.

Step 6 - If the landlord objects

We will present a strong case as to why the RTM qualifies. If the landlord still objects an RTM claim application can be submitted for determination to the First Tier Property Tribunal.

You may also find the RTM page on the leasehold advisory service a useful source of information. Right to Manage - The Leasehold Advisory Service (

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*subject to the length of our appointment we will either fully cover the cost of the application or recover the cost through the service charge