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I used Redwood Estates in a variety of capacities. As a landlord they handled the letting and management of my property. When I wanted to sell, they found me a buyer with ease. They managed the estate in which my flat was situated and in all aspects, they were professional and took the stress out of each situation for me. Without doubt, Redwood Estates are one of the best in the area and give one a sense of confidence that things will get resolved.

The gardens are now a pleasure to look at and the initiative shown has been a stroke of genius. The handling of this difficult situation was expertly expedited by yourselves in liaison with environmental health and the owner, whereas the aforementioned company, who shall not be named, did not rock all!

Thank you for what is a real great improvement to the estate, implemented with great professionalism and with great communication.

I'd like to echo others’ praise of how you've handled this - you've been brilliant! I feel confident that previous issues are now resolved We have certainly seen a dramatic improvement in estate management since you guys took over.

You have been extremely pro-active with dealing with and have done a fantastic job of turning around the poor condition of the estate. In fact, poor is a massive understatement of how unmaintained the area was prior to Redwood Estates involvement.

I can only compliment you on the obvious transformation since Redwood have been involved.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for a job very well done since you took over. You come across as very honest and trustworthy and it's been a breath of fresh air having you and your team tackle things properly and moreover make us feel that you are doing everything in our best interests. We definitely made the right decision switching to Redwood and things are definitely looking up for the development now. We genuinely are so pleased, and we are delighted to have such a positive and productive working relationship with you.